Some people

Some people are just born to do it….  when a child is born sometimes it is just detiny that determines that eventually, come what may, they will have to commit this act. I think I may be one.  It has lingered in the back of my mind for as
long as I can recall, sneaking up on me from time to time, to remind me it is there, hiding in the shadows,waiting patiently. Things will be fine in my life. I am happy and content. Things are going well, and out of the blue it comes. Hands wrapped around the steering wheel, music playing on the radio, something catchy that begs you to hum along. The sun is shining still, know you got a couple good hours of sunlight left before it dips down turning pink and purple, lighting the clouds on fire, as it sinks down to the west. Diving into the ocean. Letting my thoughts drift off, wander as they may when that little voice pops up. I eas nust thinking about what to make for dinner tonight, particulars from a job at work or what we havet planned for next weekend when it comes. It is a familiar voice. One I know very well so it doesn’t scream of stranger danger. It is like hearing the voice of a dear old friend. It really sounds like the strong version of me that i wish i could harness. It just feels right and true. The statement never changes. It is uttered as though it is fact. There is no lack of credibility. It is an outside, strong, commanding voice that is not me, but it is me! This voice may be more me than I am myself! Only four words does it ever say, only the four, and they, until now are only
heard deep within the recesses of my mind. It is a firm, strong voice that does not invite debate. It is stating this as a matter of fact. There will be no dispute, no argument.


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