So I finally decided that i had better go to the doctor about this strange BB sized lump that seems to have suddenly appeared in the joint of my right thumb. It is actually causing me some pain and discomfort and I figured better safe than sorry. Well, it turns out it is a ganglion cyst in the tendon of my thumb and I am to wear a brace for 6 weeks to immobilize it to see if it will heal. If not they will have to send me to another doctor so they can go in with a needle and inject it with steroids. Learning to cope without the use of my thumb has been challenging the last couple days.

Since i was a new patient the doctor sent me out for a full panel. I absolutely hate giving blood, hey, at least I don ‘t faint every time now. They told me that if there was anything that was wrong they would call me and have me come back. Well, I got that call yesterday. I am set to return today to find out what is wrong. I have been eerily calm on the outside, but I am screaming on the inside. a million things are running through my head. Diabetes, bad cholesterol, anemia, cancer, liver problems……  I have the distinct feeling that my life is about to change.


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