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It was once said that I have an obsession of the month. I guess in a way that is true. I go from project to project on a pretty regular basis. I usually get so involved with whatever the monthly obsession is that I drop all previous projects, leaving many unfinished. So I have been keeping myself busy crocheting as of late and I decided to put that down and pick up my cross stitch box. I haven’t cross stitched in YEARS> Like we are talking over 6! It has been so long that I really cannot clearly remember the last project I worked on. So any-Who…. I was home sick and started working on some little cross stitch projects that I had left, You Guessed It…. UNFINISHED years ago. It got me thinking that I really like cross stitching and I can use a break from the crocheting. My wrist is in complete agreement and supports my decision. Of course I am leaving several crochet projects unfinished now. It is just how I roll. But as crazy and frustrating it may seem to leave unfinished projects in various bins, and boxes it really makes it easier to come back years later and pick that particular craft back up. It serves as a jump start for me.

I found myself on FB and I noticed my Bestie (My “Partner in Crime” so to say) had joined this online Stitch along Group so I thought I would check them out and OMG their stuff is stinking adorable. So I signed up and jumped in! The Frosted Pumpkin Stitch Along Group is full of sweet encouraging fellow craft nuts. They do this wonderful stitch along that goes all year. Each month you get another piece to the project and end up with something really beautiful at the end of the year. Of course you can buy previous years patterns and get the entire project. But I not only LOVE the project this year but I like the concept of installments, it gives me something to look forward to each month. I will post my progress along the way. This little beauty is called “Storytime” and it is 12 little frames and in each one will be a pattern based on a beloved book or story. January is Alice in Wonderland. One of my ALL time favorites. I am making a few little alterations along the way. I have actually had to rip out parts of my Cheshire cat twice already. Fingers crossed I can get him finished tonight. The plan is that at the end of the year, when I am finished, I will have this beautiful piece and I will have it professionally framed and it will go in my grandson’s nursery. I am also going to buy him a copy of each book that will be on the piece. I want to encourage him to be a reader too.


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