A Great Dog, A Great Loss!!


A successful hunt, One of Tyson’s last hunts.

When I met our friends Hunting Dog Tyson I feel in love. He is so sweet and friendly. The kind of dog you wanna snuggle so hard. My two little ankle biters absolutely adore him. Watching this big long legged boy run around and play with my lightning fast little Chihuahua proved to be highly entertaining on many a night as we sat enjoying drinks out on the porch of our friends cabin.

We knew he was not feeling his old self lately but it came as a blow to hear that he had actually left us. On February 9th 2015 Tyson’s people made the hard decision to let him go. He had lost a drastic amount of weight in a week and the vet thought it was best. When I heard the news the next morning at work I sat at my desk and bawled like a baby. He was such an amazing puppy dude and he will be so sorely missed.

Love you Tyson………….. I hope there are an abundance of Pheasant and Duck for you to chase in Doggie Heaven.


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